[x] Bio.Kitchen Lab Intro Course

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Alternativ kannst du diesen Kurs als Gruppen- oder Firmenworkshop individuell buchen (6-10 Teilnehmer). Zur Anmeldung schicke bitte eine E-Mail an Vincent Zenkner / .

Learn the Bio.Kitchen basics!

In the Bio.Kitchen you can materialise your molecular fantasies. The lab offers two workplaces with all relevant tools and materials for molecular biology safety lvl 0, two workplaces for microbiology safety lvl 1, a fume hood safety cabinet and storage for chemistry works.

The lab allows you to analyse and program DNA, express proteins and even phages in cell free systems. You can do fermentation and cultivation of any species known as safe, e.g. ferment yeast or E. coli. Our collection of chemicals, tools and equipment is ready at hand to advance your projects.

The lab intro course will teach you how to work sterile and grow your own organisms while introducing you to the standard equipment of the lab and its safe handling. Further you will learn about the legal background of micro and molecular biology in Germany and how to handle biological and chemical materials.


About the [x] Bio.Kitchen
The regular MakerSpace membership does not allow the use of the [x] Bio.Kitchen. To access the bio lab an additional membership is mandatory.
Test phase discount: Until the end of October 2018 we are in the test phase of the [x] Bio.Kitchen with limited opening times. Thus we offer you a discount use. The first month comes for free, then it's only 70 € per month. If you've got any questions please contact:


This course is a prerequisite for using equipment in the [x] Bio.Kitchen lab! The successful participation of the course is required to work in the lab, but is not a guarantee for access. Please read the “Laborordnung” for further details.

No science background is needed to participate in the course and work in the lab!

As long as we are in the test phase of the lab (until end of October), a personal presentation of your project and material to the lab lead and his approval is required.  



  • Chemical fume hood

  • Refrigerators, -20 °C freezers

  • Micropipettors and tabletop centrifuges

  • DNA gel electrophoresis equipment

  • Spectrophotometer

  • Thermocycler

  • Water Baths

  • Incubators for microbiology

  • Autoclave



  • Centrifuge tubes (1,5, 15 & 50 ml)

  • Spectrophotometer cuvettes

  • Gloves

  • Petri dishes

  • Pipette tips



  • Agarose, loading buffer, DNA ladders, 50x TAE, gel stains

  • Bacterial Media +/- Agar

  • Assorted buffers and common reagents



3,75 hours


Minimum Age

  • 16 years

  • For adolescents between 16 and 18 years of age the consent of a parent is required.



English language skills. If all course participants are able to speak German, we will teach in German.


Safety Requirements

In the Bio.Kitchen closed shoes and lab coats must be worn at all times. Food and drinks are not allowed. In case of non-compliance the access to the lab is denied.


Course Booking

  • Information is subject to change without notice.

  • MakerSpace reserves the right to cancel the course if there is an insufficient number of participants.

  • Please maintain up-to-date contact information, so that we can contact you in case of changes.


Costs (per Person)

200 €


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