[ENGLISH] HO-001E | Wood Workshop for Beginners - SGK [B]

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Gerne kannst du dich zu diesem Kurs in die Warteliste eintragen.

This introductory course will teach you to safely operate a variety of basic woodworking machines. The course will focus on the table saw, bandsaw, drill press, mitre saw, and sanders.


This course is a MakerSpace Safety and Basic Functions Course (SBFC), and is a prerequisite for members who wish to operate this machine(s).



  • Drill Press
  • Mitre Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Vertical Bandsaw
  • Stationary Beltsander
  • Disc Sander
  • Oscillating Spindle Sander


Course Duration: 2.5 Hours

Minimum Age: 16 Years

Supervision requirements: Members 16-18 years old must have a letter of authorization from their parents in order to attend this course. 

Prerequisites: Fluency in English.


Safety requirements:

  • Closed shoes must be worn at all times in MakerSpace, and are a requirement for entry to the workshop.
  • Safety glasses, respiratory and ear protection are mandatory at all times in the heavy-machine workshop. 
  • For safety reasons, please refrain from wearing baggy or loose clothing (cotton is recommended), chains or dangling pieces of jewellery and keep long hair up. 

Booking your course:

  • Timings are subject to change without notice. 
  • To ensure that we are able to contact you in case of a change, please maintain up-to-date contact details.

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