DE | Advanced Microbiology

BK-003 | [D]

Freie Plätze:
10:00 - 19:00 Uhr

Transforming simple food to delicacy requires the work of “miraculous” microorganisms. However they need to be the “chosen” ones. In this course, we will explore the world of microbes through their roles in our food production, by highlighting the relevance of microbiological concepts to prevent our delicacies turning into poison. During the course we will explore basic microbiological concepts through the following: 1. Microbes in food and their metabolism producing alcoholic beverages,vinegar and milk-derived products. 2. When microbes growth here they should not: Toxin production and impacts caused by modern human technologies. 3. Relevance of microbes protecting our body: Making visible all what could attack us and does not (usually). We strongly recomment to visit the Beginners Microbiology course before this one.


Minimum Age
18 years. Pregnant woman are not allowed to enter the lab to avoid health risks.

English language skills


Safety Requirements
In the workshop closed shoes and long trousers must be worn at all times. In case of non-compliance the access to BioKitchen is denied. It is strongly recommended to take a Biosafety Introduction course before joining any other course in the lab.

Notes on Booking
Changes and mistakes are not excluded.

Please check your contact details so that you can be contacted in case of any changes.

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